Crossbone Guitar Pick

So, Crashbox is well known for having some of the most bizarre segments on children's television history and this page is dedicated to talking about the segments and how I felt about each segment!


Subject: Math

This segment is about a pirate named Captain Bones, who is literally a skeleton and he teaches viewers about how to do math by using his bones to create math problems and riddles for the viewer to figure out. If the viewer can't figure out the answers, then he will openly insult and mock the viewers and then reveal the answers in rage.

PERSONAL THOUGHTS: I honestly found this segment to be so hilarious and entertaining! The fact that the skeleton pirate spends most of the segment insulting you was pretty hilarious and I always loved skulls and skeletons in general, so of course, this segment was going to be something that I would interested in!


Subject: History, Science, Nature

This segment features a cardboard cutout anchorperson named Dora Smarmy and she spends the segment educating the viewers about various subjects like the history of the Statue of Liberty or talking about bees. Meanwhile, there are various distractive images that pop up all over the segments and the goal of this segment is for the viewer to pay close attention to what Dora Smarmy is saying, without getting distracted by all of the bizarre images that pop up.

PERSONAL THOUGHTS: This is my all-time favorite segment in the series! I just loved all of the bizarre imagery that pops up during this segment as they made this segment so entertaining to watch!



This segment features the zookeeper Eddie Bull being swallowed up by an animal at the Walla Walla Washington Zoo and the goal of the game is to figure out what animal has swallowed Eddie as he gives you clues about the animal.

PERSONAL THOUGHTS: This is definitely my second most favorite segment on Crashbox, next to Distraction News! I just loved how messed up this segment is as this whole segment hinges on the zookeeper being eaten up by various animals and you have to guess what animal actually ate him!



This segment features an eccentric robot named Professor Rocket who teaches viewers math by giving them long math problems and descriptions of numbered things, like how much is a "dozen," for the viewers to solve.

PERSONAL THOUGHTS: I really enjoyed this segment! Professor Rocket is probably one of the weirdest and best teachers you would ever have and I really love the unique way he teaches math to the viewers!



This segment features a polite female voice narrating the segment, while the audience is introduced to a disgusting man called the Revolting Slob, who spends most of the segment doing gross and weird things. This segment teaches the viewers vocabulary, as we are shown three three-choice answers to vocabulary questions. Oh, and the segments always end with the Revolting Slob exploding.

PERSONAL THOUGHTS: Honestly, this is my least favorite segment from the series. I've never been a fan of gross out humor and unfortunately, this segment has loads of gross moments that's too much for me to handle. Thankfully though, the only thing that I liked about this segment is that the Revolting Slob blows up at the end of each segment.


Subject:Creative Thinking

This segment features a beatnik named Sketch Pad who draws up some pictures of various events that happens, but said events don't seem to make any sense. The goal of this segment is to try to guess an event or outcome that would help make the situation make more sense.

PERSONAL THOUGHTS: Even though I really do enjoy this segment, this is honestly the hardest segment out of the entire series as you have to try to guess what outcome would make sense in that situation and yet, the outcome can be absolutely anything.



This segment features a Jamaican submarine captain named Captain Bob who showcases three items and the viewer has to figure out a word that explains what each of the three items have in common. You have to figure out the word before time runs out for the Captain!

PERSONAL THOUGHTS: I really enjoyed this segment! It was fun trying to figure out the one word that connects all of the items shown and I'm actually surprised that the person who voiced Captain Bob would go on and voice Grim in the "Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy!"